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Childwood 1


The Islamic Academy for Peace is proud to have a fully equipped preschool and pre-Kindergarten facility providing an excellent foundation as well as a smooth transition into kindergarten. We offer an age-appropriate curriculum that stimulates young minds to develop curiosity and exploration of the environment around them.


Our program aims at developing social skills, self-help skills, gross and fine motor skills, creativity, language acquisition and basic Islamic manners. The Islamic Academy strives to nurture young minds to learn by engaging in hands on-activities and progress at their own pace. Students develop self-discipline and motivation to progress from one activity to another under the guidance of certified instructors. Our students enjoy the independent learning opportunities enriched with play, project based learning and fun time.

Elementary 1


The elementary school instruction begins in kindergarten, the steppingstone of a child's academic journey. The kindergarten through grade 5 program is enriched with creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration. The development of strong social, moral, and spiritual skills helps our students excel and go beyond their age. With the support of our teachers, our students are nurtured, stimulated to discover their own unique personalities to flourish and use their strengths to reach new heights.


Middle school is a crucial milestone in a young person’s journey. At this time of growing maturity, developing personality and interests, it becomes necessary for our youth to be in an environment that is conducive to their spiritual, emotional and social well-being.


The Islamic Academy for Peace is committed to providing our students with the best opportunities for success. Through a well thought curriculum, social and emotional learning and immersion in our Islamic tradition, our students are prepared to face the challenges that lay ahead. Attending Middle School in an Islamic schools helps our youth develop strong and healthy friendships and relationships that can last for a lifetime.

Middle 1

Our Program Highlights


Math Curriculum

Our new math curriculum follows the Common Core Standards that sets clear, consistent goals and is based on four components: High Expectations for Students, Deep Understanding and Application of Skills, Comparable with International Standards, and Clarity and Emphasis for Teachers.


Islamic Studies & Quran

Curriculum Objectives: To learn to glorify and adore Allah and love His prophets, to love whatever and whomever Allah and His Messenger Muhammad (Peace be upon him) love, and to willingly behave in ways pleasing to Allah.



TIA Daycare Features: Experienced childcare providers Keeping infants to ages 3 School hours, Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 3:30 PM (except during school closings) Loving Islamic environment CPR and First Aid Certified Affordable rates Snacks provided 


The Islamic Academy features an instructional approach designed to meet students where they are and lead them through an engaging sequence of high level, challenging academic courses. Our curriculum specializes in advanced science and mathematics. 


We have students of varying level of proficiency in Arabic language and our program is designed keeping that in mind. Goals of the program Conversation: Give the students the necessary tools to acquire oral expression through dialogue and conversation- a process t


Pre Kindergarten

Our prekindergarten program focuses on your child’s primary areas of development: language arts and literacy, mathematics, science, Arabic, Quran & Islamic studies, social and emotional development, gross and fine motor development and character education. 


After School And ExtraCurricular

After School

Computer Club

Computer Club has three tracks.

  • Software track where students learn basics of programming.

  • Electronics track where they get to learn about things like chip manufacturing and play with hardware such as Raspberry Pi (a computer that you can hold with two fingers), and

  • Robotics track where the students can experiment and see how computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering all play together to bring imagination to reality.


Junior FLL

Junior FLL captures young children’s curiosity and directs it towards discovering the wonders of science and technology.


Homework Club

Homework club provides extra help on Arabic, Math and English.



MATHCOUNTS offers fun and engaging programs that get middle school students excited about math.

Junior Mathcounts

Junior MATHCOUNTS is similar to MATHCOUNTS, but for younger grades (G4 and G5)


Student council

Student council helps raise funds for school-wide activities, including social events, community projects, and helping people in need. It also visits elderly in the community and helps homeless in and around the town.


Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts work to build girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place.


YearBook Club

YearBook club provides an opportunity for students to develop their ability to work together as a team and use their creativeness.  They have been trained to use image editor, collages and  given the opportunity to design a yearbook spread that they can work on both at our weekly meetings or at home.

Literacy Club

Literary Club is a venue for students to share their love for reading through the wide spectrum of literary activities available.  Students will have a chance to exposed to the various language skills of speaking, reading and writing in a fun and engaging manner.


French Club

French Club focuses on learning French language and French art and culture.

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