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We have students of varying level of proficiency in Arabic language and our program is designed keeping that in mind.


Goals Of The Program:

  • Conversation: Give the students the necessary tools to acquire oral expression through dialogue and conversation- a process that involves a considerable amount of class-time.

  • Reading: Students acquire the necessary tools to reach a satisfying level of reading through various methodological ways; repetition, mocking, and practicing aloud.

  • Writing: Students learn the correct spelling of Arabic words. Students also use the vocabulary learned in building sentences and short paragraphs with careful attention to punctuation marks.

  • Reading comprehension: Give students the keys to understand what they read through word analysis processes, check the roots of the words, and relating words to each other via rhyming and scaling.

  • Library: Use of the resources available at the school library. Our library has number of books and stories for all levels.

  • Quranic reflection: Arabic Department takes pride in an outstanding connection between the Quran and the Arabic language through relating every-day words to Quran (if applicable). Verses in The Noble Quran are taught to prove a grammatical point or use a moral lesson found in a chapter.

  • Grammar: Grammar is instructed for further language development and academic assessment, though it is not the main focus of the Arabic program.

  • Literary “tasting”: Teachers explore the areas of beauty, simile, and figurative expressions that enhance the general literary taste at the students to further appreciate the text before them.

  • Educational wealth: the texts used in our books handle a variety of life situations. The outcome of studying these texts is a wealth of educational concepts about life in its colorful aspects, and additional knowledge about life, and appreciation of the creation and The Creator.

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