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Mom Reading a Book to her Daughter

The Islamic Academy

Parent Teacher Organization

One of the greatest strengths of TIA is the active involvement of parents. The Islamic Academy-Parent Teacher Organization (TIA-PTO) was developed to coordinate these volunteer efforts to best meet the needs of our school and our students. Our continued success depends on the active participation of parents.

The Islamic Academy encourages the participation of parents in the continuous development and growth of the school.  Parents have been indispensable partners of the school since its inception.  They have contributed a tremendous amount of time, effort, and money to ensure that their children receive a good and wholesome education.  It helps the administration in organizing programs and other activities for the students.


To support and enhance the mission of TIA in providing an Islamic educational alternative that emphasizes moral and educational excellence.

To promote a forum for the constructive interchange of information, opinions, and ideas.

To provide financial support for school/community activities.

PTO Duties

  • Promote an atmosphere in which children can grow as individuals, each aware of his/her own worth and value in society.

  • Foster awareness among parents of the need for their participation in the total education of their children.

  • Develop united efforts between educators and the general public that will secure for every child the highest achievements in religious, mental, social, and physical education.

  • To provide a forum for constructive communication and decision-making between parents Teachers, and administration for cooperative resolution of school problems.

  • To sponsor community, social, and fund-raising activities to promote the general welfare of TIA and its students.

Meet The Team

Ali Shakir_edited_edited.jpg

Ali Shakir

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Ahmed Fahmy_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Ahmad Fahmy

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Vice President

Baba Pathan, pto tres_edited_edited_edit

Baba Phatan

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Abdul Mohin Sajib pto_edited_edited_edit

Abdul Mohin Sajib

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Hamburgers in Grill


  • Fall and Summer BBQ

  • TIA fundraiser

  • Qur’an competition

  • Field trips

  • classroom events

  • And many more...




  • ​Computer club & FLL

  • Girl scouts and boy scouts

  • Weekly pizza lunch

  • Eid parties

  • And many more...

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