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Ms. Heba Shehadeh

Islamic Studies and Arabic

Mrs. Heba has been with The Islamic Academy for Peace (TIA) since 2015. For the past 8 years, she has been helping Intermediate and Middle School children in the area of Arabic and Islamic Studies. Mrs. Heba’s main goal is to develop a generation with a special relationship with Allah and his prophet (Peach Be Upon Him). Additionally, a generation that has a special connection to the Arabic language. Mrs. Heba’s philosophy is that such achievement can’t be achieved without loving the teacher, the class, and the Arabic language, which is the message that she conveys to her students on a daily basis. Before joining TIA, Mrs. Heba was an Arabic and Islamic studies teacher at Knowledge Academy for 2 years.  Mrs. Heba’s characteristics can be summarized as being a kind, loving person, caring, passionate and sympathetic. .

You may contact Ms. Heba at

Ms. Heba Shehadeh
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