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Weekly Bulletin

Updated: Dec 18, 2021


Assalamu Alaikum Dear Parents,

We, at TIA have so much to be thankful for,

The accreditation team has sent their report regarding the foundational visit.

MashaAllah they had a lot of praise for our school, teachers, students and

governing body. InshaAllah we hope and pray that phase 2 of accreditation in

May will go well.

I would like to thank our teachers and staff for an outstanding job during the

virtual phase of our school. They responded promptly on a very short notice to be

ready and teach our students!

A special thank you goes to Ms. Anisa Jaffar for setting up the google classrooms

and being our tech support. For two consecutive weekends, Ms. Anisa was

working around the clock to make sure all parents, students and teachers are

up to date with the rapid developments we experienced during the Covid crisis.

I would like to thank you, our parents, for being patient, supportive and

understanding. I couldn’t have asked for better parents who trust us and support


Thank you to our parent Ms. Leila Melkic for helping us find CIC Health and

providing us with the appropriate links to apply for test and stay. Thank you! (CIC

health is a health tech company offers covid testing for schools and other


Thank you to our 1st grade parents the Almahmoud family and for our 7th grade

parents the Achbady family for supplying us with boxes of masks, hand sanitizers

and gloves.

Thank you to our KG parent, Mr. Rashid Moukhabir for donating 25 laptops to TIA.

MashaAllah, the computer room looks amazing and best of all, our students can do much more when using technology.

Many thanks for the volunteer parents who spend their Saturday configuring and setting up the 25 laptops. Thank you for brother Abubakkar, brother Jaffar, brother Zaheer and brother Ubaidu.

Thank you to sister Hava for helping and making herself available the whole day during the accreditation visit on November 17th . Thank you to sister Mina for sending a well decorated oversized plate of homemade sweets for the accreditation team. Thank you to our Homeroom mothers for their help and support before the accreditation visit.

Thank you to brother Waqar, Fakhruddin and brother Zaheer who jumped out of their car to help us clear the snow and the pathway to keep our students safe.

Nadjette Lazzouni


Student Absences

Students' absences must be reported to the office by 9 am through email (please explain the reason of the absence) or a phone call.

For the students who are absent, the homeroom teachers will be sending the Student Absentee Form to the parents. If your child was absent and received one, please make sure that he/she completes all the assignments listed on the form and send it back to the teachers.

This is designed to help the child not miss any classroom or homework assignments.


Change of December Early Release Day

December 24th, the early release day for the month of December has been changed to a holiday. There will be NO SCHOOL on Friday, December 24th.


Testing in School

TIA has set up the Test & Stay, Symptomatic Testing, and Routine COVID safety checks to minimize the number of times individuals are out of school. In sha Allah, we will start the program at the beginning of the new year, on Monday, January 3rd, 2021.

The process has begun and consent forms have been sent to the families to approve testing for their children. If you have not signed the form, please click the link below and submit it.

More information about the Testing in school:

  • Test & Stay option (individual testing):

    • TIA is planning to implement its new Test and Stay protocol option This protocol has been shown to be generally equivalent to quarantine for school-based contacts, and a safe alternative to at-home isolation.

    • "Test and Stay" (close contact testing): Shallow nasal swab samples are collected at school using the BinaxNOW rapid antigen test or another approved diagnostic test. Tests are administered daily from the first day of exposure for at least five (5) days.

  • Symptomatic Testing (individual testing):

    • This testing will be available to students and staff who develop symptoms while at school

    • Results will be available in 15 minutes. If negative, individuals can remain in school. Positive test results will result in immediate dismissal.

  • Any student who tests positive for COVID-19 or has undiagnosed COVID-19-like symptoms, will be dismissed as soon as possible.

  • TIA will also perform Routine COVID safety checks which were previously called “pooled tests” Follow-Up tests are individual diagnostic tests that identify the positive individual(s) in a positive COVID safety check.

    • Safety Check and School-Based Follow-Up Testing: Shallow nasal swab samples are collected at school and put into a single tube (maximum of 10 samples per tube). If a group tests positive, individual Follow-Up testing with a second sample collection occurs at the school with rapid and/or individual PCR testing, as necessary.

    • Safety Check and Lab-Based Follow-Up Testing: Saliva or shallow nasal swab samples are collected and kept separate before being grouped at the lab. If a group tests positive, individual Follow-Up testing occurs at the lab, without a second sample collection.

In sha Allah, with this testing program, we are hoping to minimize the impact of COVID at TIA.


Islamic Studies Project

The annual Islamic Studies Project day will be on Wednesday, December 22nd and Thursday, December 23rd, 2021. The topics of this year's project are as follows:

Pre-K: Dua’a – Developed by the teacher and students

KG: I love Allah, I do my Salah (Making a Prayer Rug)

G1: The pillars of Islam

G2: Masajid Around the World

G3: The Muslims’ Manners

G4: Muslim Countries

G5: The Food or Animals in the Quran and their Benefits

G6: The Scientific Miracles in the Quran

G7: The Prophets and their Miracles

G8: The Believing Men and Women and their Roles in Islam

For any questions, please contact Islamic Studies department.


Student Council's Food Drive

Alhamdullilah, the Student Council dropped the goods at the Council of Social Concern on Friday, November 19th 2021. The council's representatives were very grateful for the donations and happy to see TIA students helping the community at large. The center passed their gratitude to the TIA community. Student Council members and advisors would like to thank you very much for your hospitality and care. ISA our next program is to collect gently used and new coats for those in need.


Volunteers for Pizza Distribution (Temporary Hold)

Since we are taking the COVID crisis very seriously, as a precaution we put a temporary hold on the volunteers who come for Pizza distribution. Thanks to all the staff for stepping in to help with pizza distribution.


Colored Tri-Fold Boards

The tri-fold poster boards for the Islamic Studies Project are available for purchase at TIA for $6.00 each on first-come first-serve basis. Students can purchase in person from the office. The choices of colors are red, blue, green and yellow.



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