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Weekly Bulletin


Assalamu Alaikum dear Parents,

Alhamdulillah today marks the end of the first quarter of school and the end of the marking period. Please do not wait until the day before or the day of the closing of the marking period to contact teachers about your children’s’ grade. Instead, we would like you to be proactive and be in touch with the teachers on a regular basis.

This quarter, we have faced multiple challenges, some academic, some due to covid and some

building issues.

Academic issues are the norm in any school, and we tackle them as they arise. TIA is not

stagnant when it comes to its programs. We are continuously reviewing and improving

programs. We are right now focused on improving Quran memorization and each student will

soon receive a Quran folder where the assigned Hifz is laid out on a weekly and daily basis. This

way, the parents are aware of what their child is memorizing and can help them memorize

ahead of time.

The TIA family who was struck with Covid is recovering nicely and is doing much better. Our

student remained asymptomatic. Because of all the precautions TIA is taking in the fight against

Covid-19, and because of your vigilance in keeping your children home when they are sick, we

were able to contain the spread of the virus.

After extensive renovation, the Pre-K portable is finally ready. On Monday, the portable will

require extensive cleaning. We request Pre-K parents or anyone who is available to lend a hand

to sister Fatima to clean the portable. Please let me know whether you can help by sending me

an email.

I would like to remind everyone to respect the dismissal rules for our children’s safety. There

were a couple of incidents where some parents got impatient and drove off when the teacher

was still holding the STOP sign. I know that sometimes the lines do not move as fast as you

would like them to but rest assured that we do everything we can to send the students out.

If you are in a hurry, we can make special arrangements for you to park on the side and once

you pick up your child you will be able to exit without having to wait for the rest of the row. We

just ask you to contact us and let us know.

Jazakum Allah Khair

Nadjette Lazzouni


End of Daylight Savings

Fall Back! Please note that Daylight Savings Time will end this Sunday, November 7th . Please remember to set your clocks back one hour before going to bed on Saturday.


No School – Veterans’ Day

There will be no school on Thursday, November 11th due to Veterans’ Day.


Early Release Day

Friday, November 12th is a half day and will be dress-up day (nice loose fitting clothing). Please ensure that the Islamic dress code is followed.

No jeans, shorts, tight / short dresses or heels. Boys are not allowed to wear hoodies, jerseys, sweatpants or jogging pants.

Dismissal will be at 12:00 p.m. sharp. Please make arrangements to pick up your child(ren) on time.


Cell Phone_Smart Watch & Electronic Device Policy

No Cell Phone, Smart Watch or any personal Electronic Device is allowed while in school effective immediately. Please CLICK here to view the policy. We request all students to abide by the policy.


Extra Face Mask

Students still forget to bring in extra masks and are coming to office leaving the class instruction time to get one. Parents are requested to send some stack of extra disposable masks to keep in their desk to avoid further distractions or disturbances.


Islamic Studies - Anti-bullying

As a school, this month too we'll focus on antibullying, and we'll work with the students on some games and self-confidence as well. We need to remind them that the bully is a very week person who covers up his weakness by bothering others and belittle them. The strong and good person is the one who say nice words, do right actions, control his anger, and stands up for the wrong and stop it in a wise way. In sha Allah, the activities we do will make the students understand more about antibullying. Please take time to talk to your children about bullying and about keeping quiet if they see someone being bullied.


Grade 6 - Presentation about the Country

Students in Grade 6 have been studying the characteristics that make a country unique.

Students presented different countries of the world, sharing aspects of their culture, history, and geography that make them special.


Grade 7- incorporation of Islam in Literature

In Literature, students in Grade 7 worked on prophet stories in English class, where students animated the stories in a creative way to tell the story differently.

Students began writing a summary of the story and completed with an illustration to show their understanding with the help of Islamic Studies department.


Physical Education

PE classes started with Commissioner Sabet and our students are having fun while being actively participating in the games and activities.

All students were given pinnies to wear in their Gym classes. Students are requested to bring their pinnies during their Gym days.


Prekindergarten - Leaf Hunting

Students went on a left hunt and found different types of leaves. Sorting the leaves and other items

collected from trees can help students learn about the different kinds of trees and different parts of a tree. Observing leaves in hands-on ways will help them to group the leaves according to different attributes like shape, color and size.


Arabic - Being Healthy

Students learnt about health in Arabic Language and incorporated their art skills to visualize their learning.

They named the body parts in Arabic and learnt how to keep each of them healthy.


Support through Online shopping

Parents, their friends and families can now support our school through Online shopping. Whenever you want to shop at a particular store (Walmart, Kohls, Macys, JcPenney, Childrens’ Place, Sam’s Club, Gap, Old Navy, Best Buy, Office Depot and many more), please click the link below and select the store you wanted to shop.

You do not have to donate. Your purchase will make us earn up to 6% Please share this link with your friends and families.

P.S. Family and friends participation is the key to our success, and we are counting on you!


Student Council's Food Basket Drive

Student Council of TIA is organizing a Food Basket drive for the needy ones. Donation of different types of pasta, rice, and canned goods are welcome. No large rice bags, as individual baskets of items will be put together in the basket.

Items can be dropped in the bin by the school foyer or

in second grade classroom. Items will be collected until Friday, November 19th.

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