Weekly Bulletin

Updated: Oct 31


Assalamu Alaikum dear Parents,

This past week has been once again very productive. TIA’s preschool has been growing to a point where we had to split the class into two: Prek3 and Prek4. We are renovating the bathrooms of the preschool portable and repairing some damage caused by a water leak. Students will be able to go back to their

classroom by the end of next week inshaAllah. A special thanks goes to the preschool and kindergarten

parents for their patience and understanding.

Coach Kazem Sabet, the NFL flag football commissioner at Merrimack Valley flag agreed to lead our

physical education program which will start on Monday. We are so excited to have him and look forward

to using his experience to give our students the best.

Our teachers and staff took the ALICE training with the Methuen police to prepare our teachers to

handle man made emergencies. They specifically addressed lockdown and emergency evacuation

of our students, teachers, and staff. Once the teachers and staff are ready, we will practice the lockdown procedure with our students.

I would like to thank our parents for supporting TIA through the school store. The teachers are very

excited and thankful for the monetary contributions they are earning through this program.

Nadjette Lazzouni

School Store program

Thanks to all the families who have already participated in our SchoolStore program! We need everyone's help to make sure our teachers get the essential tools they need to help our students succeed.

If your family has not participated, there's still time! This is 100% online so there is no face-to-face selling, collecting money, or delivering products. Your child will receive a prize just for participating, and more prizes will be awarded when goals are reached.

Please help now. It really will make a difference.

Go to https://www.schoolstore.net/sid.t?0000004133 to show our valued teachers your support.

Attention - Online shoppers

Parents, their friends and families who love online shopping can now support our school. Whenever you want to shop at a particular store (Walmart, Kohls, Macys, JcPenney, Childrens’ Place, Sam’s Club, Gap, Old Navy, Best Buy, Office Depot and many more), please click the link below and select the store you wanted to shop.


You do not donate but we will earn up to 6% of your purchase. Please share this link with your friends and families.

P.S. Family participation is the key to our success, and we are counting on you!