Weekly Bulletin


Assalamu Alaikum dear Parents,

Alhamdulillah, we have met the first phase of accreditation. The self-study for the first phase has been submitted as well as the required documents, handbooks, strategic plan, marketing plan, financial plan, school improvement plan, crisis management plan etc.

I am very proud of our teachers who selflessly were patient, supportive and ready to answer the call and be part of the accreditation process.

On the academic front, we have been diligently working on introducing new programs, enhancing

existing programs and introducing new initiatives. Implementing the ACTFL (American Council of the

Teaching of Foreign Language) guidelines in the Arabic class that focuses on speaking the target

language, has already had a positive impact on our students. Few parents approached me to tell me that

their children started speaking some Arabic and are teaching their parents what they have learned in

the Arabic class. We are using the Qaida Nuranniyah for the lower grades with the goal of helping our

students acquire the proper Arabic pronunciation.

In middle school, an emphasis is put on the different types of writing. 7th grade asked me to change their chairs and I asked them to write a persuasive letter to convince me that I should. They did, but I

requested a second draft. I gave them a handout outlining the elements of persuasive writing as well as

a graphic organizer to help them develop their arguments. I am still waiting for the second draft!

We are currently talking to the Methuen YMCA offer P.E. classes to our students. I will keep you posted.

The challenge this year, is that the gym area that we have at school is not adequate and is not well

ventilated in lieu of Covid. Any suggestions or ideas are welcome.

I am meeting the parents as they trickle in and look forward to meeting you all.

Thank you

Nadjette Lazzouni

This is a reminder that there is NO SCHOOL for students on Monday, October 11th due to a whole day of staff Professional Development.

Change of Early Release Day to October 22nd

October 29th, the early release day for the month of October has been changed to October 22nd due to ALICE Training program for the Staff. Please make arrangements for early pick-up on October 22nd instead of October 29th.

Kindergarten’s PJ Day

Kindergarten had a pajama day on Friday, October 1st. Kindergarteners also had freshly baked waffles in the morning.

We also had toppings for the waffles; whipped cream, syrup and strawberries The kids were given a choice to choose a topping for their waffles. It was truly a fun day for the kids.

Third Grade's Adventures

It's been an adventurous month in third grade. They made some nature friends. Some students used recess time to explore the playground more deeply. Students used the design process to make paper airplanes.

They also used Model Magic and paint to create land forms in the various regions of the United States.


A big shout out to our TIA HRM Club. They had their first official meeting beginning of this week and took off like a shot. Many thanks to them for stepping-in and are giving their utmost support to our BBQ event.