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The Islamic Academy for Peace strives to provide young learners with foundations of academic excellence, Islamic values, and exemplary ethics to become righteous leaders of the community for generations to come.


Principal's Message

Assalamu Alaikum,

It is my honor to join the TIA family to build on the tradition and the high expectations of our community. As the principal of TIA my goal is to create a culture of delivering on high expectations and to prepare our students for success. I believe that every child can learn, and we will work together to provide each and every student with the opportunities she/he deserves to reach her/his full potential. I specialize in educational leadership and its application to school improvement plans. Since 1994, I have co-founded, scaled, built, managed, and held a variety of line and leadership and management positions. Here, I have an opportunity to use this wealth of experience to benefit the TIA community.

Islamic education plays an important role in a young Muslim’s life, and we, as educators must be the vector that facilitates the spiritual and emotional growth of our youth. I am fully aware of the challenges ahead of us.

Allan (SWT) says:
وَمَن يَتَّقِ ٱللَّهَ يَجْعَل لَّهُۥ مَخْرَجًا

“And whoever is mindful of Allah, He will make a way out for them” Quran 65:2.

Allah has blessed our community with people with sincere intentions, talent, dedication, and hard work. I plan to add my commitment and passion to make your children successful.


I invite you to visit TIA and start a new journey with me, as I join forces with our faculty, staff, students, parents, volunteers, and generous donors.

Dr. Nadjette Lazzouni

Our Students


Our students represent the diversity of community that makes Islam and America great. They embrace the concepts of team spirit and individual accomplishment, always striving to be the best they can be while showing compassion for others.

Our Teachers


Born and raised in America and 7 other countries, our teachers bring a global perspective to the lessons they impart upon the students. They design and pursue an aggressive curriculum that supports the school’s goal of graduating students who are well-prepared for the most challenging high school curriculum.

Our Community


Parents, families and friends as well as local governmental and non-governmental organizations are critical to the community that helps our students to evolve. Whether visiting with the residents of the Nevins Memorial Home, or learning to care for animals at the Overlook Farm or M.S.P.C.A, TIA seeks to learn and grow from community ideas and interaction community.

Our Stu-Teach-Comm

Our Staff

Born and raised in America and 9 other countries, our teachers bring a global perspective to the lessons they impart upon the students. They design and pursue an aggressive curriculum that supports the school’s goal of graduating students who are well-prepared for the most challenging high school curriculum.


Dr. Nadjette Lazzouni

School  Principal

    Dr. Lazzouni started her career as a medical doctor, she switched to education because it has always been her passion. Dr. Lazzouni graduated with a Master’s in Educational Leadership from the University of North Texas. 

   She spent the last 30 years of her education career founding and developing educational institutions for Muslim children in New England and Texas. Dr. Lazzouni’s focus is on integrating core curricula with a spiritual and ethical worldview to give children the best tools to succeed in life.

   At Al Hamra Academy Dr. Lazzouni was core to the founding team and provided leadership, strategy and support across all facets of the project to pioneer Islamic education in New England. Dr. Lazzouni served in several capacities throughout her distinguished career. She served as Vice Principal for several years; she headed the Math, Science and Arabic departments as well as the science fair committee. She counseled young Muslims and served many charitable and social services organizations.

    In 2007, Dr. Lazzouni was selected by the Institute of Training and Development in Amherst, Massachusetts to be part of a US delegation to Spain to study the educational challenges that Muslim Immigrant children are facing. She continues to further her training in the domain of education and in the summer of 2015, she has successfully completed a certificate of leadership training at Harvard University in “The Art of Leadership”.

    In 2013, Dr. Lazzouni moved to Texas where she assumed the role of Principal of a dual-credit Islamic middle and high school in partnership with Richardson College in Texas. She led the transformation of the Academy through exceptional leadership and mentorship of the faculty. She was also directly involved in educational and career counselling of the high school students. She was instrumental in successfully leading her school through accreditation just two years after its inception.

   As a lifelong learner, in 2018 Dr. Lazzouni graduated with a master’s in educational leadership from the University of North Texas. In her class, she distinguished herself with the highest grades and her capstone project was a School Improvement Plan for a public school in North Texas.

    Dr. Lazzouni’s unconditional love for children, care, leadership, passion and expertise led her to dedicate her life to the education of Muslim children. Dr. Lazzouni became recognized amongst her peers as a model for compassion and an unwavering commitment to make the education experience very fulfilling for every child.

   Dr. Lazzouni believes that every child deserves access to opportunities to succeed and attain their full potential to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life. She continues to drive towards creating a spiritual space in which communities can live together in peace, mutual respect and understanding.


Ms. Anisa Jaffar Ali


Mathematics: 5th Grade

    Ms. Anisa is the Senior Administrative Assistant of TIA and also the Grade 5 Math teacher. She holds both a Bachelors of Commerce and a Masters of Computer Applications from the University of Madras, India. She has a Professional Diploma in Network Centered Computing from NIIT. She has completed Java courses organized by our community and has engaged in helping and managing the group after her completion.

    She started as a substitute teacher in Fall 2014 and went ahead to have a great start as an administrator in Fall 2015. She is certified in CPR and First Aid. She is very strong in computers thus being a great IT support for our staff and has been an active supporter of our FLL club.


    She started pursuing her teaching career by taking Mathematics since Fall 2018 and has been a staff member of TIA since Fall 2015. You may contact Ms. Anisa at


Ms. Saida Mofid

Finance Administrator

    Ms. Saida Mofid is a business professional with a seven year experience in bookkeeping and customer service. She also worked for three years in banking industry as a senior operation representative. Ms. Saida has an Associate degree in Information Management & Business Administration from University Moulay Ismail, Morocco In addition to an associate in Financial Accounting from Northern Essex Community College. She is pursuing her education in Accounting-auditing in Lowell Mass.
In 2011, Ms. Saida was the TIA PTO treasurer.

     Ms. Saida has been a staff member of TIA since Fall 2011.

You may contact Ms. Saida at


Ms. Wijdan Rahman

Kindergarten Teacher

   Ms. Wijdan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology along with undergraduate certificate in Early Childhood education. She had been working with preschoolers’ since 2008. Her philosophy is to show respect and be kind to the kids and in return you will get the respect and kindness back.

   Ms. Wijdan has been a staff member of TIA since Fall 2016.

You may contact Ms. Wijdan at


Mrs. Majida Malikic

1st Grade Teacher

    Mrs. Majida is currently teaching first grade at The Islamic Academy for Peace. She is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. She is currently pursuing her Master of Education degree in Elementary Education and is expected to finish March of 2023.

   She was previously an assistant teacher at TIA. You may contact Mrs. Majida at


Ms. Karima Lahyani

2nd Grade Teacher

 Ms. Karima holds an EEC certificate as a Lead Pre-K teacher in Massachusetts. She has Bachelor’s Degree in Multidisciplinary Studies. Ms. Karima has taught Preschool and Kindergarten for five years in the Boston area, during which time she also attended many professional development workshops on early education and childhood development.

  Ms. Karima has been a staff member of TIA since Fall 2010. You may contact Ms. Karima at


Ms. Tina Deselm

3rd Grade Teacher

   Mrs. DeSelm has a teaching certificate from California State University, Long Beach.  She is certified in Cross-cultural, Language, and Academic Development. In addition, she minored in Physical Fitness and Life Management.  Mrs.DeSelm believes in a child-centered and project-based classroom where students work collaboratively and perform at their own pace. She has been teaching since 2002.

   Ms. Deselm has been a staff member of TIA since Fall 2016. You may contact Ms. Tina at


Ms. Lubna Arsheen

4th Grade Teacher

Language Arts: 5th Grade

    Ms. Lubna is an enthusiastic and caring teacher who is very passionate about teaching children fundamental developmental skills, building their self-esteem, inspiring creativity and motivating learning.  She strongly believes that a good school forms the center of a community, where students and parents come together under one roof with the sole purpose of investing in their children.

    She holds a Master of Science in Management  from University of Bradford - School of Management, UK and Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Anna University, India. Also she completed Child and Adolescent Development Certification from UMass - Lowell to fulfill her EEC Certification. 

  Ms. Lubna has been a staff member of TIA since Fall 2017. You may contact Ms. Arsheen at

Haneen Saleh P.jpeg

Ms. Haneen Saleh

5th Grade Homeroom

Science: Grades 4 through 8 

   Ms. Saleh holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Jordan with concentration in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Geography. 

   Her goal is to inspire children, to instill in them the love of science and most of all to make science come alive in the classroom. Her passion for science and love for children is a combination that will stimulate the curiosity of her students and excite them about inquiry, data collection, analysis and understanding the world them. 

  You may contact Ms. Haneen at

Aysha Kodambiyakam.jpeg

Ms. Aysha Kodambiyakam

6th Grade Homeroom

Mathematics: Grades 6 through 8

    Ms. Aysha holds a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Calicut University, India and a Masters degree in Structural Engineering from University of Massachusetts, Lowell. She has successfully completed the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure test for Secondary School Mathematics.

    Ms. Aysha has been working with elementary through high school students to help them reach their potential in Mathematics at grade level math and advanced competitive math in both one-on-one and group settings. Ms. Aysha has been involved with TIA since 2005 as a parent, volunteer, short and long-term substitute teacher, and ardent supporter. You may contact Ms. Aysha at


Ms. Tracy Bowermaster

7th Grade Homeroom

English: Grades 6th, 7th, and 8th

Language Arts: Grades 6th and 7th

    Ms. Bowermaster is a graduate of Suffolk University, with her degree in Psychology and Theatre and Film. She has over 20 years of experience to include elementary, middle and high school as well as special education. Ms. Bowermaster is also a Drama teacher for Kidstock, and she also teaches Drama and Art for the YWCA. She is a professional actress and professional clown and performs all around Boston, and surrounding cities. These unique skills and qualities have helped her reach students and inspire them to perform on higher levels both academically and creatively. We are very excited to have Ms. Bowermaster on our team.

    Ms. Bowermaster has been a staff member of TIA since Fall 2016. You may contact Ms. Bowermaster at


Ms. Amanda Cudmore

8th Grade Homeroom

English: 5th Grade

Language Arts: 8th Grade

Social Studies: Grades 5 through 8

    Ms. Cudmore is currently teaching Literature and writing to the 6th and 8th grade and Social Studies to Grades 6-8.  She is a graduate of Assumption College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and minors in English Writing and Political Science.  She also holds a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from American International College.  She holds Massachusetts license to teach Elementary Education and History.  She is also a certified Early Childhood Educator.  She has coached the Jowdy World Geography Challenge team and organized the Geography and History Bee for the past 11 years. 

   Ms. Cudmore has been a staff member of TIA since Fall 2008. You may contact Ms. Cudmore at


Ms. Saadia Karamane

Islamic Studies and Arabic Teacher

    Ms. Saadia holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Hassan II in Casablanca, Morocco.

    She has also received the following certificates from the following organizations

  • Certificate of the Academy for Arabic Teachers with STARTALK at Boston University, Track 1 in June 2010, and Track 2 in June 2011.

  • The National Standers for Arabic K-12(Chicago’s convention for Islamic Schools in USA and Europe)

  • Arabic Teaching in Action and CBI (Content Based Instruction): On line courses with Aldeen Foundation.

  • Certificate of Advance Technique in Teaching Arabic in the USA.( An-Noor Academy)

    Ms. Saadia has been teaching Arabic and Islamic Studies in Al Huda weekend school since 2002.

    Ms. Saadia teaches Arabic and Islamic studies and is the Head of Arabic and Islamic Studies Department.  

She has been a staff member of TIA since Fall 2003.

You may contact Ms. Saadia at


Ms. Aghareed Abdallah

Islamic Studies and Arabic Teacher

  Ms. Aghareed has a Bachelor’s degree in Business administration from Cairo University. She has Arabic as a second language training certificate from Boston University, a certificate of classroom management from Educational Resources Services, and a teacher’s training seminar certificate from Bridgewater State University. She has also completed a program at The Kanga Group and has been certified through an Arabic Teacher’s Training program at Aldeen Foundation.

     She has volunteered at The Islamic Academy for Peace since 2002, as well as volunteered in the North Andover library, the YMCA, and Atkinson Elementary school. She has worked as a private tutor for Arabic and Islamic Studies for both children and adult groups.

    Ms. Aghareed is currently teaching Arabic and Islamic Studies and has been a staff member of TIA since Fall 2009. You may contact Ms. Aghareed at


Ms. Lana Negm

Islamic Studies and Arabic Teacher

    Ms. Lana has a bachelor’s degree (BSc) in Computer Science from City University of Seattle and a bachelor’s (BA) degree in Arabic / Islamic Studies from Mishkah University. She’s currently pursuing a master’s degree (M.A.Ed.) in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis at Bay Path University. She has been working with Intermediate and Middle school children for seven years.

     Ms. Lana teaches Arabic and Islamic Studies and has been a staff member of TIA since Fall 2015.

You may contact Ms. Lana at


Ms. Heba Shehadeh

Arabic Teacher

    Ms. Heba has been teaching Arabic and Islamic Studies in Jordan for 3 years and then worked for Knowledge Academy, Middleton, MA for 3 years .

  Ms. Heba is teaching Arabic and has been a staff member of TIA since Fall 2015. 

You may contact Ms. Heba at


Visit The School

Visit the School

The Islamic Academy


125 Oakland Avenue,
Methuen, MA 01844


For information or questions:

Main Office :  +1 978 975 7335

              Fax :  +1 978 975 3207

         E-mail :

     Principal : +1 978 975 7335

         E-mail :

              Finance : +1 978 975 3553

                 E-mail :


Regular School Hours

7:30 am - 3:30 pm

Summer School Hours

9:00 am - 3:00 pm

(In July, Email Only)


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We appreciate your interest and we welcome you to our TIA family. 

Looking forward to meeting you insha'Allah.

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