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Mrs. Anisa Jafar

Mrs. Anisa Jafar is the Senior Administrative Assistant of TIA. She graduated from the University of Madras, India with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. and pursued to get her Masters of Computer Applications degree from the same university.  She had also taken some IT courses organized by our community and is also engaged in helping them till now.

She had been a great asset as a TIA volunteer since 2013 and also worked as a substitute teacher at TIA prior to start working in administration and is certified in CPR and First Aid. She is very strong in computers thus being a great IT support for our staff and has also played a vital role in running some after-school clubs. Mrs. Anisa has been a staff member of TIA since Fall 2015.

She also started her career as a Math Teacher since Fall 2018 in addition to being an administrator.

You may contact Mrs. Anisa at and for Math queries, you can contact her at

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