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Mrs. Saadia

Ms. Saadia holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Hassan II in Casablanca, Morocco.

She has also received the following certificates from the following organizations

  • Certificate of the Academy for Arabic Teachers with STARTALK at Boston University, Track 1 in June 2010, and Track 2 in June 2011.

  • The National Standers for Arabic K-12(Chicago’s convention for Islamic Schools in USA and Europe)

  • Arabic Teaching in Action and CBI (Content Based Instruction): On line courses with Aldeen Foundation.

  • Certificate of Advance Technique in Teaching Arabic in the USA.( An-Noor Academy)

Ms. Saadia has been teaching Arabic and Islamic Studies in Al Huda weekend school since 2002.

Ms. Saadia teaches Arabic and Islamic studies and is the Head of Arabic and Islamic Studies

Department.  She has been a staff member of TIA since Fall 2003.

You may contact Ms. Saadia at

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