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Assalamu Alaikum Dear Parents,

EID MUBARAK! InshaAllah you enjoyed the Eid celebration with your family and friends.

Alhamdulillah, the accreditation visit went very well. The accreditation team was very impressed with TIA and had a lot of praise for all stakeholders. They were able to feel the

sincerity and dedication to TIA from everyone they spoke to. That is

the board members, school committee

members, parents, alumni students, teachers, and staff.

Alhamdulillah, TIA has passed all the standards. The committee will now submit a written report to NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) about their findings and what they observed and experienced firsthand while in our building. NEASC will meet in June and vote whether to grant the accreditation to TIA. Because we passed all the standards, and got the approval of the committee, we are in a good place inshaAllah.

While working on the accreditation, we wrote a 62-page self-study report and submitted it to

the NEASC committee. The report addressed all the standards and all the questions (indicators).

The list of the standards below gives you a window of what the teachers and staff were doing

during the numerous half days.

Standard 1: Enrolled Students Align Appropriately with the Mission. (6 questions)

Standard 2: The Governing Body/Board Assures the School Remains Sustainable and True to its Mission. (14 questions)

Standard 3: The School's Resources Sufficiently Support Present and Prospective Operation. (8


Standard 4: The School Assures that the Adult Community is Qualified and Organized to

Implement the Mission. (5 questions)

Standard 5: A Proactive Culture of Health and Safety Permeates the School. (4 questions)

Standard 6: Not applicable to TIA

Standard 7: Commitment to Mission and Core Beliefs Informs Decisions, Guides Initiatives and

Aligns with the Students' Needs and Aspirations. (7 questions)

Standard 8: Commitment to Inspiration and Support Characterizes the Approach to Each Student. (10 questions)

Standard 9: Commitment to Excellence Distinguishes the Program. (15 questions)

Standard 10: Commitment to Continuous Professional Development Permeates the Adult Culture. (9 questions)

Standard 11: Commitment to Engaging with the Greater Community Enhances Student Experience. (6 questions)

Standard 12 and 13: Not applicable to TIA

Standard 14: Commitment to Long-Term Viability and Innovation Guides Planning. (8 questions)

I would like to thank the parents, the teachers and staff and the governing body for their support and patience through this process.

Special thanks to Amanda Cudmore for leading the accreditation by guiding the teachers and by

putting together the report.

Jazakum Allah Khair!


ACT Test

Our ACT testing is scheduled on, Tuesday, May 17th, Wednesday, May 18th, and Thursday, May 19th for students in Grade 3 through Grade 8

Please be sure that your child(ren) are well rested and have a good healthy breakfast on those days in order to help them do their best. Please arrive at school on time as the testing starts at 8 am sharp.

The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday: Math and English

Wednesday: Reading and Writing

Thursday: Science

Snacks will be provided by the school for the children who are taking the test (Grade 3– Grade 8) on these three days of testing.


TIA Community Appreciation Event

You are cordially invited to celebrate our Community Appreciation Day on Sunday, May 22nd (12 pm - 4 pm) organized by TIA family.

Lots of fun overloaded - VR Roller Coaster, Rock Climbing, Halal Food Trucks, Ice Cream, Inflatables, Henna, and much more....

Please bring in your friends and families for this great community gathering. We hope to see you all in sha Allah!

TIA has its Open House for prospective parents on the same day from 11 am - 1 pm. Please invite your friends and families to come, visit and explore our school.


Science Fair Regionals

A group of ten (6th through 8th grade) students' projects from TIA competed at the Region IV Middle School Science and Engineering Fair and half of our TIA students were placed as winners. Masha Allah!

We had 3 first place regional winners, Abdulmuhaymin Rahman of Grade 6, Rayyan Ahmed Siddiq, and Noor Bhatti of Grade 8 and 2 third place regional winners, Samiha Jaffar Ali and Mina Mahmood of Grade 7.

Each of these students has qualified for participation in the State Science Fair competition. Additionally, Adel and Hussein Sounalah's project has also qualified for the State competition based on

having the next highest score from the school.

Congratulations to these students and to all of our participants. Best wishes at the State Competition!!!


Sr. Noura’s Annual Quran Competition Results

Congratulations to all the students who participated and put in their great effort towards their Surah



Name of the Students - Placement


Esma Malikic 1

Nida khan 1

Salma Fahmy 1

Zaynab Zaheer 1

Grade 1

​Ashhad Ghori 1

Ikhlass Azzou 2

Omar almahmoud 3

Grade 2

Jusuf Malikic 3

Maryam Fahmy 1

Maryam Zaheer 1

Mohammed Elgohary 2

Grade 3

​Abdullah Khan 1

Ahmed Ghori 2

Ali Khan 3

Lujayn 3

Mohammed Yasser Azzou 2

Waniya Rahman 3

Zainab Sayeed 1

Grade 4

Rihan Shaikh 1

Safa ubaidu 1

Grade 5

​Aisha Zaheer 1

Esa khan 2

Leena Abou Mahmoud 1

Grade 6

Abdul Muhaymin 1

Grade 7

Adel Sonallah 2

Ahmed Hamad 1

Lina Elgohary 2

Mariam Bhatti 3

Naushad Waqar 2

Samiha Jaffar Ali 3

Grade 8

​Hussein Sonallah 2

Kulsum Sayeed 1

Nour Bhatti 2


EID Celebration

Students enjoyed dressing up and had fun celebrating EID at school for two days.

Many thanks to all the parents who sent goodies for their child's classroom.


Student Council - Sandwich Day

Jazakum Allah Khayr TIA parents for your great support!

Students enjoyed their sandwiches. Alhamdulilah for everyone's participation. Thank you to the families who sponsored the lunch bags, to the two awesome volunteers Sr. Miral and Sr. Saba, to our amazing advisors Mrs. Karima, Mrs. Aghareed and Mrs. Heba, and of course our beloved students and families who are there always to support Student Council charity activities. May Allah reward you with a rich reward.

The Student Council of TIA worked together with an alumni Yasmin Dakiri and provided goody bags for all the students as a token of appreciation. The Student Council would like to thank you for your year-long support.

May Allah accept and multiply your Rizk. Ameen. Thank you very much for all your support.


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