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Weekly Bulletin


Assalamu Alaikum Dear Parents,

The topic of this week’s newsletter is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Education. STEM Education is very trending right now and is becoming more and more popular in most schools.

This approach to education is multidisciplinary and consists of problem-based learning with an emphasis

on students’ collaboration and group critical thinking to try to find solutions to problems. The students take charge of their learning, and no answer is a wrong answer as long as the steps of STEM Education are in place.

Unlike the traditional way of learning where the teacher gives the lesson and students take notes and

reproduce the knowledge with pen and paper, STEM is a methodology where students learn together by

doing. By working on modules adapted to the curriculum, STEM teaches that nobody fails, but rather

rethinks, re-evaluates the work and come up with a new plan.

The good news is that TIA is going STEM starting in the fall of 2022. There is a huge amount of work

that took place to put the program together and is still ongoing. The program requires developing a curriculum, providing STEM professional Development and teacher-training, acquisition of modules that correspond to the current curriculum and quarterly planning on how to roll out the program.

To set the expectations correctly, I would like the parents to be patient and not expect full-blown STEM

starting in September 2022. We will roll out the program slowly to give time to the teachers and

students to adjust to the new STEM curriculum.

I would like to appeal to TIA parents who have the expertise or STEM know-how and who would like to

be involved to reach out to me.

As always, I believe that together, we can make it happen.

Thank you

Nadjette Lazzouni


History Bee

Congratulations to our students who participated in the 2022 National History Bee, International Geography Bee, and National Science Bee Regional Finals held at the Brown Middle School in Newton, MA on Saturday, April 2nd. The following students competed in the Regionals:

Grade 5: Leena Aboumahmoud, Aisha Zaheer, Ayan Nafee Grade 6: Abdulmuhaymin Rahman Grade7: Samiha Jaffar Ali, Maryam Bhatti, Rayyan Ahmed

Ahmed Hamad Grade 8: Noor Bhatti

Masha Allah! A special congratulations to the four students who were highly placed in these Regional competitions.

At the 8th grade level, Noor Bhatti is the 2nd place Regional Science Bee winner and is a National Science Bee Qualifier, National History Bee Qualifier, and International Geography Bee Qualifier.

At the elementary level, Ayan Nafee is the 2nd place Regional Science Bee

winner and is a National Science Bee Qualifier.

At the 7th grade level, Rayyan Ahmed Siddiq and Ahmed Hamad were placed among the Top 10 Regional finalists for the Science Bee and are National Science Bee Qualifiers.


Spring Vacation Reminder

Monday, April 18th through Friday, April 22nd is a regular school-week. And Spring Vacation will be from Monday, April 25th through Friday, April 29th.


First Day of Ramadan Celebration

TIA staff and students had a great celebration in welcoming the blessed month of Ramadan to enhance its spirit.


Morning Assembly

TIA resumed the students' group morning assembly and Alhamdulillah, it is great to watch the students reciting the surahs and the morning dua together.


PK3 - Welcome Ramadan

PreK3 students made their lanterns and had a henna party to welcome Ramadan.


PK4 - Welcome Spring

The students have been taught to pray in Jamaa' and Masha Allah, they were so good following the etiquettes of the prayer.