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Weekly Bulletin

Updated: Apr 3, 2022


Assalamu Alaikum Dear Parents,

I would like to wish you Ramadan Kareem and Mubarak and may Allah accept your fasting and your Ibadah.

I would like to ask you to please remember TIA in your Duaa this month. We have a shared responsibility to raise our children and with the opportunities of the sacred month of Ramadan

the blessings abound. The joy and privilege of working for the sake of Allah (SWT) are indescribable. Alhamdulillah for TIA’s dedicated team and its commitment to excellence in education. You, our parents have a big part in this through your Duaa, and your continued support.

Some ideas on how to have your children maximize their Ramadan experience:

  1. The Prophet SAWS said: I love to be in a state of fasting when my deeds are presented to Allah. We can remind ourselves of this idea and use it to elevate the state of fasting in the children’s eyes.

  2. The Prophet SAWS taught us that the first ten days of Ramadan are Mercy – Rahma. Let us model merciful values and behavior towards our children and towards others so they witness the greatness of our religion in action.

  3. The Prophet SAWS taught us that evil and distractions are chained away to avoid temptations. Let our children reflect on their actions and dig deep to learn to control their nafs (Inner soul) and make the most of this sacred time by dedicating themselves to the pleasing of Allah SWT.

  4. The Prophet SAWS taught us that the middle ten days of Ramadan are well suited for forgiveness. Let us help our children forgive themselves first, and pledge to become better practicing Muslims to lighten the burden on themselves and on each other.

  5. The learned scholars of Islam taught us that FASTING is a holistic experience. It encompasses abstaining from food, drink, and pleasure. It is also an experience to abstain from bad and addictive habits.

Let us ease our children off some of the bad habits and set up for successful change and


Ramadan is a time where our children should experience living a special time where ibadah takes center stage. As parents, take the opportunity to support them and show them how Ramadan despite its hardship can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Thank you

Nadjette Lazzouni


Ramadan Time Change

TIA will have a late start from April 4th till April 22nd

Drop-off will be from 8:35 am-8:55 am and dismissal will be at 3 pm.


Spring Vacation Days Change

Spring vacation has been postponed to the week of April 25th

(No School from April 25th until April 29th), followed by Eid break (No School from May 2nd until May 6th). School will resume on May 9th, 2022.


TIA Science Fair Winners


First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Honorable Mention

Grade 3

Mohammed Yasser Azzou

Waniya Rahman

Zainab Sayeed

Sumeya Kapidzija

Grade 4

Yahya Junaid Siddiq

Safa Ubaidu

Ahmed Jassem

Farhankhan Pathan

Grade 5

Aisha Zaheer

Sena Kaplan & Mirsab Masood

Leena Aboumahmoud

Esa Khan

Grade 6

Abdulmuhaymin Rahman

Mae Mahmood

Adam Anbar

Grade 7

Rayyan Ahmed Siddiq

Samiha Jaffar Ali

Mina Mahmood

Destina Ozden

Grade 8

Hussein Sounalah & Adel Sounalah (Grade 7) - Team project

Noor Bhatti & Kulsum Sayeed


Progress Reports

The teachers are working towards finishing and updating the grades for the Quarter. Progress reports will be available online for review on Wednesday, April 6th.

Please contact the respective teachers, if you would like to speak about your child's progress.


Welcome Ramadan

Arabic and Islamic Studies department decorated our school to enhance the spirit of Ramadan. They have also planned special activities during this blessed month to increase the students' Ibadah.

TIA girls had a Henna party. All girls were so excited to have Henna and loved Safia Loughlam's (TIA Alumni) art. Many thanks to her for bringing smiles to our girls.


Math Fun Night

TIA Mathcounts hosted a Fun Math Night on Thursday, March 31st for students of Grades 4 through 8. Students participated in different activities including Kahoot, Dice Game, Chess, Vocab Hangman, Math Playground, and many more.

The event was planned and run by the students of Mathcounts as a part of their Gold Level project.

Masha Allah! Our Mathcounts students' proved to be young leaders'.


Pizza Lunch Reminder

This is a reminder to all parents who have signed up for the Pizza program. During Ramadan, no pizza lunch will be served (the money collected for pizza for the lunch program did not include this month). It will be resumed on Thursday, May 12th


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