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Weekly Bulletin


Assalamu Alaikum Dear Parents,

Our fundraising event is approaching, and this time, it is critical that we meet our goal for this year. Because of the lower enrollment due to the pandemic, and because of the increasing operational expenses, your donation this year will have a bigger impact on the sustainability of TIA.

I am confident that you will support us, but I am appealing to each one of you to reach out to your

family, friends around the country, and your local community to conduct a mini- fundraiser to raise the much-needed funds. TIA is your school, you expect and deserve the best education, the best programs, and the best teachers. All this comes at a cost and please know that tuition covers only a fraction of the cost. Your Sadaqa Jariya will not only help us but more importantly, help you fulfill one of your duties as a Muslim.

Please access our website at and send your generous donation. By doing so, you become instrumental in securing the future of TIA.

Thank you and we really appreciate your support.

Jazakum Allah Khair

Nadjette Lazzouni


TIA Fundraiser

The Islamic Academy for Peace's 21st Annual Fundraising event will be held on Sunday, February 27th @7:00 p.m. In lieu of the omicron virus, in sha Allah we are staying virtual for the second consecutive year. Please Mark your Calendar to join and listen to our journey clicking on the link below:

Calling all businesses! Do you have a business you would like to advertise to the local Muslim community? Do you know of a business or an organization that would benefit from exposure to our school community audience? We have sponsorship opportunities available for very reasonable rates.

Please find the sponsor letter as attached.

Download PDF • 152KB

Visitors / Parents in the building

Anyone who wanted to enter the school building will be let in, once the administration confirms the identity of the person who is entering. When buzzed, the administration will communicate through the intercom (if they are unsure about the person who buzzed in) for identification purposes Parents are requested to answer the question and follow the instruction as directed. This is to ensure the safety of the students and staff in the building.

Parents are also requested to update the office in regards to early dismissal or picking their child during school hours for an appointment. Please send an email to or call the office

@ 978-975-7335. This helps us with the logistics of dismissing students before the regular time. We ask the parents to wait in the front foyer for their child's dismissal.


Driving / Parking Reminders

Parents are requested to be really mindful and cautious when they drive in our school parking lot.

During drop-off/pick-up, students are walking to get into/out of the building, the staff is assisting in drop-off/pick-up, and is really a busy time. We want to ensure safety for our children and staff members.

If staff is on duty, wait for her signal so she can let your car pass by. Please DO NOT get through her without their knowledge as it is a safety hazard.

If you arrive after the drop-off time, please park your car in the lot and walk your children to the building. Please DO NOT PARK on the driveway which blocks all the cars behind. Also, we request you not to leave your car unattended, as we see a lot of cars TURNED ON, with no one in the driver seat.


English Spelling Bee

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Classroom Spelling Bee. Masha Allah! They were all fantabulous!


First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Grade 1 / Grade 2

Roudha Fatima Siddiq (G2)

Haya Jassem (G2)

Ikhlass Azzou (G1)

Grade 3 / Grade 4

Rihan Shaikh (G4)

Safa Ubaidu (G4)

Ahmed Jassem (G4)

​Grade 5 / Grade 6

Adam Anbar (G6)

Esa Khan (G5)

Faris Alhawi (G6)

​Grade 7 / Grade 8

Kulsum Sayeed (G8)

Noor Bhatti (G8)

Ahmed Hamad (G7)

Congratulations to all the winners!

In the spirit of the School spelling bee, the Kindergarteners wanted to show their avid participation and had a KG spelling bee in their classroom. Masha Allah! All the students showed a splendid performance!

Congrats to our little bunnies!


February Vacation

Our February break will start on Monday February 21st and conclude on

Friday February 25th. School will resume on Monday, February 28th in sha Allah. Happy Vacation!


Message from Student Council

Alhamdullilah with Allah's grace and blessings we have collected over $500 for the Orphan program. Jazakallahu Khairan to all the parent donors.

TIA Student Council will put that towards the Orphan Program.

May Allah reward and Grant you the company of the prophet in Jannah. Ameen!

For now, we will pause all Student Council activities as we prepare for the TIA fundraiser.

Please support the school as much as you can and with his grace, In sha Allah, His reward will be great. It will impact our and our children's lives. May Allah accept from you all. Ameen!


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