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Weekly Bulletin

Updated: Mar 4, 2022


Assalamu Alaikum Dear Parents,

Students’ mental health is frequently in the news lately. I would like to draw your attention to this issue that does not distinguish between age, gender, religious or social status.

Our children are also at risk, and it is our role as educators and parents to pay attention and

look for signs of deteriorating mental health. According to the Mayo Clinic, mental health in

children is defined as follows: “Mental health disorders in children are generally defined as

delays or disruptions in developing age-appropriate thinking, behaviors, social skills or

regulation of emotions. These problems are distressing to children and disrupt their ability to

function well at home, in school or in other social situations.”

I am appealing to the parents to look for signs of mental stress in your children. I recommend

that you open a regular channel of communication, talk to your kids about different issues and

listen to them to make them feel that you value what they are sharing with you. Please

understand that any futile issue is a big deal to them.

Have quality time with them at home by playing games together, reading together, sharing your

childhood stories, or cooking together. Best of all, have a routine of reading Quran daily for 10

minutes and discuss the meaning of the ayahs together.

Limit screen time especially playing video games. Our students are playing online together after

school which causes us a lot of problems at school. Please discourage them from doing this or

stay beside them when playing to monitor the interaction. Have fun with your child by going

out together and building bonds and memories for the rest of their lives.

At school, we see that some students show signs of mental stress that range from shutting

down to being overactive and anything in between. We reach out to the parents who

Alhamdulillah work with us and do their best at home.

Love your children by giving them time according to their needs and not according to how

much time you can spare for them.

I am including the link to the Mayo clinic article about Mental Health in children:

Jazakum Allah Khair

Nadjette Lazzouni


TIA Fundraiser

The Islamic Academy for Peace's 21st Annual Fundraising event will be held on Sunday, February 27th @7:00 p.m. In lieu of the omicron virus, in sha Allah we are staying virtual for the second consecutive year. Please Mark your Calendar to join and listen to our journey clicking on the link below:

Calling all businesses! Do you have a business you would like to advertise to the local Muslim community? Do you know of a business or an organization that would benefit from exposure to our school community audience? We have sponsorship opportunities available for very reasonable rates.

Please find the sponsor letter as attached.

Download PDF • 152KB

Drop-off - Back to regular routine

We would like to thank the parents for their support and for being vigilant during the temporary change of drop-off procedures due to the frigid temperatures in order to keep everybody safe.

We will go back to our regular drop-off routine starting this Monday, February 14th as we see the temperatures going up. Staff on duty will do the temperature check outside. Please follow staff's directions and be patient until the staff on duty attends to your child.


Dismissing students during school hours

Parents are requested to update the office in regards to early dismissal or picking their child during school hours for an appointment. Please send an email to This helps us with the logistics of dismissing students before the regular time. We ask the parents to wait in the front foyer for their child's dismissal.


Early Release Day

Friday, February 18th is a half day and dress-up day (nice loose fitting clothing). Please ensure that the Islamic dress code is followed. No jeans, shorts, tight / short dresses or heels. Boys are not allowed to wear hoodies, jerseys, sweatpants or jogging pants.

Dismissal will be at 12:00 p.m. sharp. Please make arrangements to pick up your child(ren) on time.


February Vacation

Our February break will start on Monday February 21st and conclude on

Friday February 25th. School will resume on Monday, February 28th in sha Allah


Colored Tri-Fold Boards

The tri-fold poster boards for the Science Fair Project are available for purchase at TIA for $6.00 each on first-come first-serve basis. Students can purchase in person from the office. The choices of colors are red, blue, green and yellow.


English Spelling Bee

Congratulations to all the finalists who worked extremely hard to memorize the challenging words and participate in the School Spelling Bee. Masha Allah! They all did a great job! The final spelling bee will be held on

Wednesday, Feb.16th.

The following are the different levels in which the finalists compete:

Level 1 - Grade 1 and Grade 2

Level 2 - Grade 3 and Grade 4

Level 3 - Grade 5 and Grade 6

Level 4 - Grade 7 and Grade 8


Second Grade - Learning about Islamic history

Second grade worked together as a team and pretended as if they were holding the black stone, in order to understand a very critical part of our Islamic history.

This teaches them that teamwork and communication makes us stronger.


100 Days of School Celebration

Teachers planned different activities for the 100 days of school like,

when I'm 100 years old writing and self portraits, 100 art and 100 cupcakes. Grade 3 students watched 100 ice cubes melt, after predicting how long it will take (we're currently at 1 hour 39 minutes), rolled a dot cube 100 times and record the results. They were also searching for 100 Hershey Kisses and adding them to the 100s chart throughout the day.

Grade 6 students did math games solving problems with number 100. Grade 4 and Grade 5 wrote 100 science-related words and Grade 4 celebrated by doing different games.

Grade 2 decorated their crowns, looked up 100 countries around the world, made a list of 100 activities they like to do, sharing their hundred items from home, making 100th day of school thank you glittered plates, and of course enjoying the yummy treats.

Grade 1, KG and Pre K students decorated their 100 day hats and wore them. Masha Allah! Look at the cuteness!

Grade 7 and Grade 8 students did wonderful presentations to KG and Grade 2 students

about the Prophets in Islam with the illustrations they drew in order to be a part of this wonderful

celebration. The students enjoyed and loved them!

Kudos to all the wonderful students of TIA!


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