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The Islamic Academy (TIA) is a full-time daycare through 8th grade accredited Islamic school. We are located in Methuen, MA (30 miles from Boston)

Our students represent the diversity of community that makes Islam and America great. They embrace the concepts of team spirit and individual accomplishment, always striving to be the best while showing compassion for others.


Insha Allah, The Islamic Academy for PEACE (TIA) will be hosting a fundraising dinner on Saturday, March 24th, 5pm at Marriott Hotel, 1 Burlington Mall Road, Burlington, MA 01803.


Our Programs

  • STEM

    The Islamic Academy features an instructional approach designed to meet students where they are and lead them through an engaging sequence of high level, challenging academic courses. Our curriculum specializes in advanced science and mathematics. We offer several after school...
  • Islamic Studies & Qur’an

    Curriculum Objectives: To learn to glorify and adore Allah and love His prophets, to love whatever and whomever Allah and His Messenger Muhammad (Peace be upon him) love, and to willingly behave in ways pleasing to Allah. To develop an...
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A Year in TIA

A Year in TIA - Video

What does it look like a year in The Islamic Academy? Watch this 7 minutes video presentation by our 8th grade students.

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